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There are few things that we take more pride in than our collection of vintage and period jewelry.

​Chris and Ola Biele, along with a small army of jewelry experts, seek out the most eclectic pieces to add to our collection of vintage jewelry.  At present our inventory numbers in the thousands and continues to grow through our aggressive buying at auctions, estate sales and from one of a kind sellers.

​Looking for a timepiece dating back to 1890?  How about a magnificent bridal set from the early 1900's?  Perhaps a mid-1800's cameo tickles your fancy?

​Atlantic City Jewelry spares no expense in supporting vintage and antique jewelry lovers.  In fact, we are happy to invest our time, energy and effort in finding a specific piece for you, all you need do is ask.  Provide the details and we will do our very best to find exactly what you are looking for.

​Our certified genuine collection begins in 1860 and holds only authentic items.  As jewelers we understand the difference between vintage and vintage inspired and  we are experts at finding only authentic pieces.

​As we endeavor to add to our collection we invite you to visit our
buying service page to learn more about how you can sell directly to us.  If you have a vintage piece, let's talk!

​As we accumulate more inventory we come across some truly unique non-jewelry items as well.  From accessories to antique music boxes and everything in between, Atlantic City Jewelry is quickly coming to be known as a top destination for all types of collectors as well as individuals simply wanting to enhance their personal collection.

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